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Jeff P. - Owner

When asked what’s your favorite place to spend a day off, Jeff said, “A mountain trail, lake, or Green Belt.

Andrew C.

When asked about he likes most about the Valley and Meridian Plumbing, both answers were the same, “The People.”

Riley B.

“The Treasure Valley is a great mixture of city and small town life, making it a great place to raise a family.”

Pedro C.

When asked what makes for a great plumber Pedro said, “Making sure everything is done right and keeping our customers happy.”

Galen M.

Galen is a journeyman Plumber with 15 years of experience. Enjoys camping and restoring his 1968 Plymouth GTX.

Brian S.

Journeyman plumber with 12 years of experience. Enjoys ice hockey at a competitive level. Enjoys the Idaho outdoors through golf and fly fishing.

Brian A.

Journeyman plumber with 2 years of experience. Main hobby is creative metal artwork. Enjoys long distance running.

David D.

Journeyman Plumber with 20 years of experience.  A traveler at heart and one reason he appreciates Idaho so much.  Works on cars for fun.

Dan C.

Licensed Plumber with 7 years of experience. Appreciates what Idaho means to his family, including BBQ and golf.

Chris H. - Office Manager

Chris appreciates Idaho’s camping opportunities and making his backyard a dream like setting.

John P.

Licensed Plumber with a year of experience helping and learning on Journeyman led projects. Enjoys snowboarding, dirt bikes, Pink Floyd and the Eagles.

Jacob B.

Licensed Plumber with 2 years of experience.  In his spare time he turns wood into works of art, mountain bikes the alpine peaks, and finishes it off with some fly fishing.

Alan M. - Marketing

At heart, a wishful wannabe journeyman plumber.

Jason S.

Licensed Plumber with 18 years of experience. Time off activity includes camping and exploring all that Idaho has to offer.

Shayne S.

Journeyman Plumber with 35 years of experience.  Enjoys motor biking on his Harley which also enables enjoyment of the great Idaho landscapes.

Zak G.

Journeyman Plumber with 11 years of experience. World class fly fisherman and outdoorsman.

Donnie M.

Licensed Plumber with 7 years of experience. Avid fisherman and disc golf practitioner.